Thursday, February 12, 2015

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My very first home made Apple Pie... and I dedicate it to my Mama

       A domestic goddess I am not, I know the basics around the kitchen, JUST the basics..  but every now and again I like to try something I've never done before... ok, so I know making a pie from scratch isn't that daring.. LOL and I'm sure to some it's piece of cake... or pie! I wanted that yummy goodness I remember from when I was little and got a big ole piece of my mama's pie.. well that didn't happen! Why.. cause my mama didn't make it.. I did.. and I wish I had helped her more in the kitchen, wearing an apron and a cute girly dress instead of catching crawdads and minnows in the creek with the boys and falling out of trees that I wasn't supposed to be up in to start with.  You know, I think I was 8 before I finally stopped going to the first day of school each year with a busted lip from falling out of a tree... hmm  lol  
      I was the first grandchild born, and my papa sooo wanted a boy.. after all, it was his first  born son who was giving him this little bundle of joy.. but alas, that was not meant to be.. out popped a little girl.. he said put it back.. lol    You see papa was very outdoorsy... loved fishing and hunting..  well just so happens, my cousin was born a few days later.. and he got his boy.. but what do you think happend?? Yes, I became a little tomboy.. because after the two of us were born.. along came 3 more boys!  So you see, it's not ALL my fault... finally the family grew a little more, and I got some girly cousins.. but by then the damage had been done.   Mom tried to dress me up and curl my long blond hair.. (sleeping on those itchy curlers) YUCK!  Frogs don't care if you have pretty hair!  LOL
      My mama never worked outside the home, and never learned to drive.. she was very content taking care of everyone, cooking and cleaning and wiping away tears and mending bloody noses and knees.   We were always gone somewhere camping and fishing.. and she took everyone.. she ended up with 9 grandkids.. She had 1 son, and 3 daughters, 2 of which were twins, and one of them had twins...and I've lost count on the great grandkids.... we laid my grandma to rest this past Christmas.. 28 yrs. after loosing papa.  She never remarried, her soul mate was gone.. and now they are together once more.

      I documented each step and made a little short film.. Brushing the melted sugary gooey liquid on the top was almost like painting, and it smelled sooo good while baking.  I've added the full recipe in case you want to make your own Apple Pie from scratch!
      Thanks for listening to me ramble on!

Apple Pie from scratch from Mindy on Vimeo.


For the filling, I had made fried apples for breakfast the day before.. which is pretty simple, peel and core the apple, dice it up, put it in a pot with some water, butter, sugar and cinnamon.. I didn't measure any of it...  If you want, you can pop open a can of your favorite pie filling instead.  :)  

Monday, February 2, 2015

My Website

If your looking for pre-cut wood kits, then look no further!  I carry a full line of designs from several artists. They range from Country to Chic to Primitive.  If you don't see what your looking for, custom orders are welcome too! If you already have the pattern, I can cut it out for you, and sand it.. all you need to do is paint it!

This is a list of some of the wonderful designers I carry. 

Charlotte Fletcher of Roma Land Woodcrafts  

Marie Provost of  Marie's Country Woodcrafts

Becky Claburn Levesque from Country Lane Folkart 

Sharon Bond  

Missy Kunselman of Beein' Creative with Mis

Barbara Lloyd
Terry French
Monica Wilson
Yvette Perrin
Myra Mahy
Karen Wisner
and many more!